My primary focus is to capture a spiritual essence and dynamics of my subject, and to arrive at a reduction of form and an economy of line in my work.

The sculptures evolve from quick sketches that were executed from direct observation of life at both the Boston Common and Harvard Square. These locations have always held for me a most fascinating variety of life-subject matter. Through drawing, I discover and develop the essentials of form. This essence is ultimately realized in a deliberate economy of gesture which underlies the sculptures.

I would like my sculptures to look as if i had tossed them to the ocean and years later the ocean returns them to me having lost all details and distilling the form down to it's most fundamental lines and planes and disengaging from it it's rhythms and balance. 

Some influences on my work include Inuit sculpture, Mezcala stone figures, primitive art, natural rock formations, Post-Minimalist sculpture and low polygon modeling.

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